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run for eleven consecutive

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2015-04-15 18:28:41
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Re: run for eleven consecutive

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, is now the accepted way to indicate how your Web pages, HTML documents, and XML documents should be displayed. In this free class, you will learn how to add CSS styles to your HTML, your Web pages, even your entire site. You will discover that Cascading Style Sheets are not difficult to learn, and in fact, CSS can be a lot of fun.

Classes start every day and run for eleven consecutive days. While the lessons will be sent every day, it is a selfpaced course, you may take as much time as you need to read and complete each section.

The Cascading Style Sheets class is free. You will not only learn how to use CSS with this book, you'll also have a good reference for what properties work in which browsers, tips for getting the CSS it work how you'd like, and much more.

Due to the amount of email I receive, I cannot reply to the "antispam" measures for this class. So if you're using something that blocks email until a "real person" sends it, you'll need to turn it off to receive the class.

Please Read

The class is sent out by an automated mailing system and sometimes lessons can come late or get lost in the mail. If that happens, please pick up the missing lesson here. If you reply to lessons that you have received you may not receive a timely response. It's much faster to get the missing lesson yourself. There is a link to this page on every issue of the class.

And if you have any questions about the class, please be sure to read the FAQ before contacting me. Chances are, your question is already answered online.
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