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himself giuseppe zanotti design outlet as

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2015-06-30 06:49:13
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Re: himself giuseppe zanotti design outlet as

COLUMBUS, OhioWhile campaigning in Ohio prior to the primary election here, Rick Santorum referred to himself as the people's candidate. Mitt Romney was the establishment candidate. When the votes were finally [b][url=]giuseppe zanotti design outlet[/url][/b] counted, the establishment trumped the people by the slightest of margins.

Romney's narrow victory in Ohio, where he took 38 percent of the vote to Santorum's 37 percent, gives the former Massachusetts governor the most valued prize out of 10 Super Tuesday contests. It was a mustwin state for Romney's stutterstep presidential bid, giving him the majority of the Buckeye State's 66 Republican delegates. It may also add a bit of badly needed momentum that helps Romney get to the finish line and finally claim the nomination.

But Santorum can clearly claim a moral victory, or a "silver medal," as he told supporters the night of the election. The former Pennsylvania senator was considered a fireandbrimstone fringe candidate just a couple months ago, and Romney outspent him in Ohio and other states by a margin of at least four to one. Yet Santorum has become a surprise spoiler who seems to be gaining strength the longer he [b][url=]Giuseppe Zanotti[/url][/b] campaigns, not losing air as Newt Gingrich appears to be doing and Herman Cain and Rick Perry did before they dropped out of the race. Santorum, for instance, also won Super Tuesday races in Tennessee, North Dakota and Oklahoma, which are minor notches politically, yet they still add to Santorum's credibility as a bona fide winner.

The tight Ohio race was an improvement on Santorum's showing in Michigan a week earlier, where he lost by three percentage points. As expected, Romney won [b][url=]giuseppe zanotti design[/url][/b] the "establishment" counties near urban centers such as Cleveland and Cincinnati, while Santorum fared better in rural areas and among bluecollar voters. Santorum's marginal improvement over his performance in Michigan may have come from higher portions of certain voting blocs in Ohio that favor the devout Catholic from a bluecollar Pennsylvania mining town, such as voters describing themselves as "conservative" or "evangelical," plus those lacking a college degree.

Santorum may also have benefited from Newt Gingrich's showing in Ohio. The former House speaker put most of his Super Tuesday effort into winning his home state of Georgia, not campaigning in Ohio, yet he still got 15 percent of the vote in the Buckeye State, more than twice his take in Michigan a week earlier. Gingrich's votes may have come more at Romney's expense than Santorum's, since many Republican voters consider Gingrich, like Romney, to be a centrist. That may have strengthened Santorum's showing among conservatives.

Still, Santorum also blew a sizeable lead in [b] [/b] Ohio, where polls showed him ahead of Romney by more than 10 percentage points just a week before the election. Santorum also held a considerable lead in the Michigan polls before losing there, making Ohio the second big contest in which a lastminute Santorum fade has raised doubts about his staying power. Here's how Santorum fumbled the lead in Ohio, ceding key votes to Romney:
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