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with celine phantom luggage tote my

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2015-06-05 18:00:52
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Re: with celine phantom luggage tote my

A Blog with [b][url=]celine bag sale[/url][/b] Bigger Pictures

Of course you can click on each picture to view it full size, but not everyone knows this, and honestly, who's going to click on all those pictures to enlarge them [b][url=]celine mini luggage[/url][/b] anyway?

Thankfully, after playing around with [b][url=]celine cabas phantom[/url][/b] my blogs for a while, I discovered how to change my layout so that I can have my pictures full size on my blog. It makes such a difference!

Step Three fonts and coloursMinima stretch doesn't look very interesting at all, so we'll have to jazz it up a bit. (Picture 4) [b][url=]celine bag for sale[/url][/b]

What's really nice here, is that you get a real time preview of what your blog will look like once you apply the changes you made. Also, note that if you want to choose colours that aren't in the palette, you can even edit the colour hex code. Sadly, that feature somehow didn't work for me, but if you really want to, there's a workaround for that problem too. I'll come back to that in a minute.

I chose black for the background, a very light shade of grey for the blog title colour and border colour and white for the text. Other pastels for the links etc. When [b][url=]celine nano bag[/url][/b] you're happy with the colours you chose, click the "save" button. You can change the colour hex code for all the other variables here too, if you want to. And since you're still working on your private, experimental blog, you don't have to be afraid to mess up either. None of the changes you make here, will affect your story blog.

Step Six big picturesTo make your existing pictures show up full size on your blog, you need to edit all your existing posts. Click Posts select which post to edit first.(Picture 6) Now, you have to go into "edit html" mode and edit the codes of all your uploaded pictures.

Below is a picture of what you need to look for. (Picture 7) I circled two pieces of code with red. The first one is the altered code, the second one the original.

You need to change the S400 into S800 in the HTML code of all your pictures. That [b][url=]celine trapeze[/url][/b] quite a bit of work, but that will do the trick in most cases.

Our next picture is a screen shot of the preview, so you can see the difference!(Picture 8) You can, of course change all these codes manually, but if you got MS Word installed on your computer, there a much quicker and easier way to do this.

When you go into html view, copy and paste everything into Word. Place the cursor somewhere in the post field and press the "Ctrl" and "A" button, thus selecting everything within this field. (Picture 10) After that, copy and paste your edited Word document into the HTML field of your [b][url=]celine phantom luggage tote[/url][/b] blog post and hit publish.

Now, some of your pictures might actually [b][url=]celine handbags online[/url][/b] be too big to fit your blog, but don worry. The value that most important here, is the You will need to calculate the height of your picture accordingly (or let your picture editing program do that for you and just copy and paste the values it gives you) or simply leave out the values for height. Either way works.

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