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long blonde hair and

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2015-11-08 14:23:56
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Re: long blonde hair and

Did Lauren Conrad Chop Off Her Hair

When you think of Lauren Conrad, long blonde hair and amazing style come to mind. Lauren blonde hair is one of her trademarks and without it, Lauren just wouldn be the same to fans. But what if you found out Lauren chopped off her long hair? Would you be shocked? Disappointed?

So far, rumors of Lauren haircut have gone unconfirmed, but since Lauren is so dedicated to offering hair care and beauty tips and is in the middle of planning a wedding, it hard to imagine that she would do something drastic, like cut her hair.

Lauren stylist started the rumors of her short hair by posting a photo on her Instagram account. Kristen Ess has been styling Lauren hair for a while now and the photo shows the back of a woman head, showing off a recent haircut. In the woman hand is a ponytail of long hair. The fact that Ess is Lauren stylist and the hair looks remarkably similar to Lauren hair, makes many people wonder if she may have traded in her long hair for a short bob.

Bobs are very stylish right now and many celebrities are sporting them. Aside from being stylish, bob haircuts are also easy to manage and require little effort to look good. But would Lauren be willing to sacrifice her hair for a style fad? Not likely.

Lauren is in the midst of planning a wedding after becoming engaged to fianc William Tell and like most brides, she has probably had a hairstyle planned for a long time now. The two recently celebrated their twoyear dating anniversary on Valentine Day. Cutting her hair off would limit her styling options and a bob just doesn go with the rest of Lauren classic style.

Do you think Lauren Conrad really got a short haircut or is her stylist just pulling a fast one on everyone?

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